26 Today

I turned 26 today at 9:29 AM. First and foremost, I want to thank my mom for carrying me around for three quarters of a year. Sorry I turned upside down and made you have a C-section. Second and secondmost, I want to thank my dad. He didn’t get to be in the room when I was born because he did not take the C-section class you have to take (note to self, take C-section class just in case), but was waiting for me when I came out of the room and always tells me about watching them count all my fingers and toes.

Not quite sure how I feel about being 26, but thus far I cannot complain.

Robert's Birth Announcement

Seminary is good, but busy. My fall break is next week and so I hope that I will finally complete my Edinburgh post and a European trip video that I have been planning to make for quite some time. I also want to make the blog less Kenyan and more seminarian so I can blog every other week or so. Furthermore, I hope that by writing that I am going to do said things that I will do said things next week. You all are my witnesses, hold me accountable. Have a good day!

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