Why I blog? To connect, reconnect, and stay connected.

Hello, my name is Robert Thomas Quiring.  I live in Naperville, IL (suburb of Chicago) and serve as Associate Pastor in charge of Youth and Young Adults (8th grade to 30) at Knox Presbyterian Church.  I love my position.  If I had a billion dollars, this is still what I’d be doing (maybe a few less hours).  I love Jesus and believe that Jesus loves you.  I believe that God’s grace, mercy, and love are larger than we can imagine.  I love people.  Days when I don’t interact with anyone make me feel like a robot.  I enjoy learning about people’s lives and what makes them tic.  So, I’m a minister.

I love technology – I learned in Kenya that I would rather live in not so nice surroundings and have the interwebs – rather than vice versa.  I like Apple products. I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures when the opportunity arises.  It stretches my brain, recharges my creative battery, and makes me love and care about the world more.  I like music of most genres.  I play guitar – a lot – it feels like my fingers are dancing when I play.  I can’t dance well, but my fingers are alright dancers.  My favorite book and author is East of Eden by John Steinbeck.  I think it is the American version of Dostoevsky’s The Brother’s Karamazov.  I like how it takes you on a trip through time and many generations, the character development, and the plot.  My favorite movies are Lord of the Rings and Forrest Gump.  If I could have a superpower, it would be flying.  I’d have a cape, but it would be a clip-on cape to avoid death by cape.  Valuable lesson – thanks The Incredibles.

My History:

I was born and raised in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a suburb west of Tulsa.  I felt called to the ministry in 8th grade during my first trip to Dwight Mission.  God didn’t talk to me, but the idea entered my brain, “It would be cool to be a Presbyterian minister.”  I went to Austin College in Sherman, Texas and majored in Religious Studies.  I attended Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas, where I received my Masters of Divinity in 2010.  Between my second and third year of seminary, I decided to take a year off of seminary and participate in the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program.  I served in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya at African Enterprise where I worked with a group of high school graduates called Foxfires.  I taught hour and a half classes at three high schools on the topic of life skills: career development, what does it mean to be Kenyan, sex, and etc.  I returned to the States after that year and finished my last year of seminary focusing on improving my preaching and worship leadership skills.  I was ordained on August 15, 2010.  Yep.