Coming to America and Scrubs

Saturday morning, I get a call from my parents at 9:15 AM Kenya time.  So, my first thought is, why are my parents up at 1:15 AM? I ask my dad what’s up and he responds frankly, “well, Coming to America came on TV and so your mother refused to go to bed until it was over.” Yes, Coming to America, the amazing movie about an African prince who comes to New York looking for true love starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall and featuring Samuel L. Jackson (the robber) and Cuba Gooding, Jr. (doesn’t even speak, just sits in barber’s chair).  Any who, I think it’s awesome that my parents still stay up until 1 in the morning when a life-changing movie comes on, especially since my mother instigated it.

Coming to America trailer:

Today, I was working on something and I heard Scrubs come on the television in the room next to me.  Apparently it comes on every Tuesday at 1:30 now.  I ran into the common room and sit down and watch Scrubs with the Foxies.  I was laughing like crazy and the Foxies were just looking at me like I was a crazy person from the States, which I am.  Kenyan humor and States humor is very different.  Furthermore, I have learned that most people from the States are very loud compared to Kenyans, hence my incessant laughter and loudness.

The humor in Scrubs is the same kind of humor my brain operates in, but most Kenyans don’t understand me when I am in Scrubs humor mode so I’ve learned how to tame it… most of the time.  Today’s episode featured random singings of the song, All By Myself, which is one of my favorite things to do randomly.  So, I decided to end with this nice little video of our good friend Celine singing us the tune because it’s the most ridiculous version I could find on YouTube.

Celine Dion 1997 Grammys:

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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