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Thank You!!!

I’ve been working on scholarship applications for the past two months which is difficult to do half way around the world.  Therefore, I have some people I need to say thank you to.

I want to especially thank my mom and dad, Helen and Tom, who have worked tirelessly to proof, print everything off, and mail scholarships for me.   I could not ask for better parents and am very proud to be their son knowing that they will do pretty much anything to support me.

John Williams and Neill Morgan have also worked very hard to help me with references under crazy Robert time constraints.  I keep e-mailing them and they keep responding quickly with whatever I need.  Each time I receive something from them I get a boost of energy and confidence knowing that they (two of my biggest mentors) are taking the time out of their very busy schedules to continually help me.  So, thank you John and Neill!

I must also thank those who I have bothered less, but who have still helped me tremendously!  Rachel Baumann, Mary Carter, Cat, Mary-Elizabeth, Vince, and Greg.  Thank you for your help and the help I will continually ask for.

Thank you for all you have done and all you will continue to do!  You are great support!

Fanny Pack from Peru YAV’s

My fellow YAVs from Peru sent me a Peruvian Fanny Pack which was waiting for me when I returned from Egypt-Israel/Palestine trip.  I am excited about breaking in this new Fanny Pack and believe I have officially started a Fanny Pack collection.  I want to especially thank Katie Rains for actually mailing it to me in Kenya from Peru.  I think it took 3 months to get here…that’s awesome!  Thanks Peru YAVs!

The Professional Me with Peru Pack:

The Normal Me with Peru Pack:

The “You’re a Tiger” Me with Peru Pack

THANK YOU for helping me pay off my immunization debt!

I have officially raised the money to pay off my immunization debt!  I want to thank each person who donated to help me!

Thank you!

Here is a testimonial that I received that made me chuckle so I wanted to share it with you all:

Are you considering giving to Robert’s immunization fund, but haven’t yet clicked on that “Paypal” icon?
Please consider our case.  My wife and I made a gift to Robert’s immunization fund several months ago and ever since then, Robert has not caught a single disease for which he was immunized, AND NEITHER HAVE WE!  In fact, we have both been amazingly healthy the past few months as all the stingy folks around us have caught the winter crud.
So, go ahead and click on that Paypal icon.  It’s good for you!



When my family arrived to Kenya last week they were carrying 3 extra bags that were full of treasures that my home church, First Presbyterian Church of Broken Arrow, had collected for me.  So, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of my family at First Presbyterian Church of Broken Arrow!  I want to especially thank Margaret Ann for heading up the collection process.  So, thank you Margaret Ann!  Merry CHRISTmas to you all and I love you.  Thank you!

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