Rachel’s Post: Safe & Sound in Stockholm

Everything you already know about Sweden is true.

Yes, everyone really is blonde (and beautiful).

Yes, all furniture is made at IKEA.
Yes, they really do offer Swedish meatballs in every restaurant.

We arrived in Stockholm after 15 hours of travel. My body is violently rejecting the notion that it has been hurtled forward through multiple timezones. Just add 7 hours to your current time, and youll find us, living in the future.

We are staying at a hostel, built in 1747, on the island neighborhood of Gamla Stan, where “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series takes place. Stockholm is actually a series of 14 islands, connected by bridges. Each island has it’s own unique flavor (Imagine Central Park, Brooklyn, Edinburgh, and Tokyo all in one city).

Stockholm’s Baltic sea-facing geography helped Sweden develop its Viking roots by faring east to Russia, then developed their reputation as one of the biggest European naval fleets by the 17th Century.  Before WW2, one quarter of Swedes left for America. Today they are homogenous, sun-worshipping, ABBA-loving people who are challenged by immigrants coming from eastern Europe and the Middle East. Maybe more brunettes are in Sweden’s future after all.  I am interested to learn more today.

Off to explore the Royal Palace…and acquire some Swedish fish.


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