Thank You!!!

I’ve been working on scholarship applications for the past two months which is difficult to do half way around the world.  Therefore, I have some people I need to say thank you to.

I want to especially thank my mom and dad, Helen and Tom, who have worked tirelessly to proof, print everything off, and mail scholarships for me.   I could not ask for better parents and am very proud to be their son knowing that they will do pretty much anything to support me.

John Williams and Neill Morgan have also worked very hard to help me with references under crazy Robert time constraints.  I keep e-mailing them and they keep responding quickly with whatever I need.  Each time I receive something from them I get a boost of energy and confidence knowing that they (two of my biggest mentors) are taking the time out of their very busy schedules to continually help me.  So, thank you John and Neill!

I must also thank those who I have bothered less, but who have still helped me tremendously!  Rachel Baumann, Mary Carter, Cat, Mary-Elizabeth, Vince, and Greg.  Thank you for your help and the help I will continually ask for.

Thank you for all you have done and all you will continue to do!  You are great support!

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