Week 11: Barack Obama

I was sitting outside reading while the female Foxfires were doing their wash and a song came on the radio. It begins with a clip from an Obama speech talking about why he decided to run for President and he kept talking about “our nation” which was unusual because he is the US President-elect, not Kenya’s. I am still baffled by how much I hear about the US in Kenya. This lead me to think about why Obama was plastered on every matatu, t-shirt, and hat in Kenya. He is black and his father was a Kenyan is the answer. As I have felt proud of the changes that have occurred to where our President-elect is black, I have also felt a deep sense of shame and discouragement with the human race. Obama’s victory is such an amazing accomplishment because of the hundreds of years of racism and hate. I’m proud that we have begun to move in the right direction, but I believe it is imperative that we reflect on why this is a big deal and learn from our past. Let us rejoice in our movement in the right direction to make all people equal, but let us also further break the chains of oppression and inequality. The notion of mutual indebtedness, if my neighbor is not okay then I am not okay. Well, actions speak louder than words, so I am off to act out what I believe. Have a great day!

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