Week 24: Computer Time, Basketball, and Retreat

ByGrace Computer Time

Monday was my first computer class with 15 students at ByGrace Orphanage and School.  It was amazing!  Nobody knew how to turn the computer on, so we started out there.  I tried to have them talk with one another by typing questions and answers, but I forgot to explain how lots of things on the keyboard work.  I never realized how much computer knowledge is taught knowledge.  We spent the last half hour of class using Paint and playing Minesweeper.  4 of the computers run Windows 98 and 1 runs XP.  I am excited about continuing to teach them more each week about something that gives me so much joy.  I can tell there are a few computer nerds in there already…

St. Hannah’s Boys Basketball

I went to play basketball at St. Hannah’s for the first time this week.  It was a lot of fun.  It was once again one of the most civil games of basketball I have ever played.  They had some good players.  They were a bit dumb founded by a 6 foot 5 mzungu playing with them.  I dunked a few times in the games, but there wasn’t any hooping and hollering like in the States.  They all smiled and poked each other though.

After the game I told them I would like to set up a more structured way they could play each other next week which the Principal asked me to do.  I don’t like coming in and saying I know how to do this better let me show you, but I think that this could be a fun interaction between the students and me.  We shall see.


Well, I am off next week for Mombasa again.  AEE is having an all staff retreat.  So, I will post when I can.  I have stopped carrying my camera around as much because I am more relaxed here and a Zebra is just another Zebra now.  Also, I didn’t want to meet the students and say here’s a camera!  But I will start taking pictures again shortly.  For now my words will have to do.

Have a great day!

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