Week 25-2: Thank You Teachers!

>Friday morning is the one morning I have a class to teach at 8 AM.  For some reason this morning was one of those mornings where I did NOT want to get out of bed!  For some reason I was just exhausted and unenergized.  As I was tying my shoes I started thinking about all of the teachers and professors I have had throughout my 25 years of life.  I know that all of them had mornings where they woke up and did NOT want to get out of bed!  They had a fight with their loved one the night before, they felt sick or were sad, and had many other reasons for staying in bed, but they did NOT!  All of them got out of bed each day to teach and mentor me and in this I found energy and strength.  I felt my steps grow stronger as I walked to teach in the footsteps of all who taught me.  So, I want to thank every teacher I’ve ever had and all of the teachers of the world for getting out of bed every morning they go to teach.  Amen.

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