Week 34: The Fall… of Robert literally

There’s a fence that I climb usually at least once a week to get out of AEE.  There is one entrance that is always open and another entrance that is always closed.  If you go through the open entrance rather than the closed entrance when you are heading a certain direction you have to walk an extra mile or so.  Therefore, I climb the fence when I am heading that certain direction.  Well, today as I was climbing the fence for probably the 50th-ish time I lost my balance and came down with my face catching my fall.

I was STANDING here (where I’m pointing on top of this 6’6 stone doo daddy)

and started losing my balance thought I had regained it and then came tumbling down.  I know what it takes to break something and I definitely should have broken something this go around.  I briefly dislocated my left knee and wrist, my jaw is bothering me, and my face is cut up a bit.  This is another instance where if I had a tail I would have been fine, but nope.  So, my face, jaw, wrist, and knee hurt, but I am still able to get around and spent the next hour after the fall saying, “Thank you Jesus” out loud which is not a usual occurence for me.  Here, I have been really good about thinking before I do things that might injure me, but would do in the States without thinking twice about it.  I’m adding this to the list.

Here’s the thing.  I was on my way to meet up with people at Carnivore, which is this BBQ place with all you can eat crazy meat.  Furthermore, the people who invited me had offered to pay.  So, I fell and thought I should probably go lie down for a while because I’m in a lot of pain… which is what I would have done on any other day, but the Carnivore was all I had on my mind still.  So, I limped back to my room, washed the mud off my face, put Neosporin on my cuts, and limped off to the matatu stop because I wanted some free Carnivore.  It was delicious, but everybody on the matatu and at the restaurant thought I had just been beaten up because my face looked like I had been.

Thank you Jesus I am not in the hospital! and that I shaved this morning because I’m not going to be able to for a week or two.

My face:

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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