Week 38: Family

During my nine months in Kenya on long matatu rides and walks, I would reminisce about Kansas.  Both of my parental units are from stated state (huh huh) and I love going up to Newton and Frankfort to visit my relatives.  I’m a very family oriented person which is one of the main aspects which has drawn me towards pastoral ministry.  I had been dreaming about finding my way back to Kansas since even before leaving for Kenya.  I hadn’t been there since Christmas of 2007.  I was so excited; I wasn’t really sure what to do with myself.  Do I walk around screaming the entire time, so that people realize how excited I am to see them?  Exnay on the screamnay… I settled with verbally informing my family how excited I was to see them.  Although, I don’t think that they realized how incredibly happy I was.  The visits were too short and my brain too scattered to take it all in, but I am truly blessed with the family I have and hope that when I return to the States again I can make an extended journey up yonder.

My cousins Ada and Alfie with me:

Alfred, Alfie, Ada, me and Aunt Diana

My cousins Emily and Amy with me:

When I was introduced to the new John Deere Sprayer:

My cousin Bryce and me in the Sprayer:

I accidentally walked into a small grocery store with Bryce and the peanut butter aisle almost made me cry:

Gipper (Bryce’s dog who enjoys waking everyone up in the mornin’):

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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