Week 38: The Communal Effort of Getting Robert to Church

Since I was in Austin, I wanted to visit the church I will be serving next year as an intern.  The service was very nice and creative and got me excited about next year.  However, this is the story of how I got to church.

Saturday, the conference ended and I began to plan for Sunday morning.  How would I get there?  I started calling around to no avail.  What would I wear?  I decided upon a suit, but was missing black socks and dress shoes.  As the night progressed, I knocked on my friend Chris’ door and acquired shoes that were slightly too big for me, but beggars can’t be choosers.  Then my lovely, beautiful friend, Allison, offered her car to me if I could get to her house.  So, I called my Episcopalian duo, Shyla and Eric, and asked for assistance getting the car.  They agreed graciously and I asked Eric if he had any black socks.  He had mismatched leftovers which I gladly accepted.  I went to bed Saturday night with everything miraculously straightened out, I assumed.

Sunday morning, I woke up, showered, shaved, and was putting on my suit when problem number 17 occurred.  I buttoned my pants and they fell right to the floor.  It is my dad’s old suit which was slightly too big for me to begin with and I have lost some weight, uh oh.  I do the next logical thing and call my good friend, Mary Elizabeth, to ask where she stashes her belts.  She tells me and ends with the comment, “I’m not sure if they’ll fit you.”  To which I chuckle, I take out the only belt that could possibly work and it fits perfectly… aside from the fact that it is a round girlie belt buckle kind of belt.

So, fifteen minutes early, I arrive to this new church for the first time dressed in my father’s over sized suit, Mary Elizabeth’s girlie belt, Eric’s mismatched socks, and Chris’ big shoes.  Booyah world!

The belt:

The socks:

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