Week 40: Sam’s Wedding

One of my best friends from college, Sam (pictured below), had his wedding last Friday.

Sam’s present to me at the rehearsal dinner (Amazing! Thanks Sam):

Sam lived across the hall from me our freshman year.  Some how we weren’t friends until about half way through our first semester.  Our mutual friend Rachel told me she thought we would be really good friends, so the next time I ran into Sam in the bathroom I told him, “Hey, my name’s Robert and we’re going to be best friends.  Rachel said so” and the rest is history which has not been written down yet…  Sam had asked me to be in the wedding last summer, but I told him that I would be in Kenya.  Well, things worked out to where I was home the same time as the wedding which was really nice because I had been stressing the entire year about having to miss it.

The morning started off with a full 18 holes of golf with the groomsmen and me.  I’ve played golf twice now, so you can probably foresee that I am an amazing golfer.  Hukuna shida (No problem) because I had an great time and made the putt of the day.  I wasn’t on the green yet, but I still like to use my putter because I’ve played a lot of putt putt.

The Putt

The wedding was beautiful and I am so happy for Sam.  Sam is one of the nicest guys you’re ever going to meet and so I was worried he wouldn’t be able to find a gal of equal niceness, but he done did it.  Katie is as nice and positive as Sam and I do believe that he married up which I thought was impossible.  So, congrats to Sam and Katie.

At the reception I did some dance moves (and movements) I haven’t done in a while and woke up the next morning reminded of said movements.  It was a fun night where I got to see many people I hadn’t seen in a long time.  It was crazy as I thought the entire night, “I’ll be back in Kenya in four days!”

The wedding photographer took all the good photos so I left my camera in my pocket, but here is a photo of me which sums up the dance night.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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