Week 41: Weight and Back in Kenya

What I weighed the night I returned from Kenya:

What I weighed right before I headed back to Kenya three weeks later:

It’s not ten pounds, but nine is pretty close, eh?  Familiar food is good.  My favorite moment during my weight gaining escapade occurred at Pizza Hut the first weekend I was back.  I had returned to the table with my third helping of pizza and my dad said to me concerned, “Let’s not go overboard, Robert.”  He then got up to get some more food and my mom leaned over and said, “Now, you just keep on eating because you’re too skinny!”

Unexpected Blessing:
Listening to NPR (Sweet Jesus, I’ve missed NPR more than anyone will ever know) on the way home from Dallas to Tulsa, Rick Steves came on the radio for an hour session about airplane travel.   He had a flight attendant on who had written a book about smart travel and funny incidents he had seen in his 20 years of attending flights.  The main point that Rick kept making is that traveling by plane is a major blessing.  Whenever we start to have a grumpy moment remember that you are going to travel around the world at 700 miles an hour in a fraction of what it would take by land or sea.  Of course we all know this, but for some reason hearing it from somebody else made it sink in.  So, my three flights back to Kenya I was all smiles and happy even when the person in front of me leaned their seat back and my legs went crunch.  Thanks Rick and NPR!

I’m back in beautiful Kenya!  I’ve been having a party with jet lag… not really.  It is great to be back and I am excited about finishing my last month here with enthusiasm and energy.  Word.  Thanks for reading.

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