Week 42: Julie’s Visit & Mouse

My good friend, Julie, is in Nairobi with ten people from Austin working in Kibera for a few weeks.  I was lucky enough to spend a good portion of the day with her team and play Chicken Feet (a dominoe’s game), getting in some good States time where I could reference movies, music, TV shows, and Austinite bo-jazz and they all understood me.  It wasn’t as badly needed as previously because I’m just back in Kenya, but it was still nice.

Today, Julie made her way out to Karen and was able to see where I live and work.  Sometimes I forget how incredibly beautiful and peaceful it is out where I live compared to in the city.

Julie and me in front of the Quonset Hut:


We have a new friend in the Quonset Hut. (I haven’t named her yet for fear of becoming attached) Before I left for my trip home, she had visited and starting eating a chocolate bar I had kept from Israel.  That was that and no more problems.  However, when I returned last week, I saw the little cridder climbing on top of my blinds, and she was cute… I thought at the time.  Then the next day as I was lying in bed, I felt something crawl over me which caused me to throw my covers off and she went flying.  No problems from her for a while, but today when I woke up the cookies which Josh and Laura had made me and put in a zip lock bag were gone.  Luckily, I had eaten most of them and only two or three were left.  She left crumbs all over my little desk though… eats my food and doesn’t clean up after herself!  I thought that was that, but as I picked up my bread today to make a PB&J it was revealed that she had also taken a bite out of every slice.  So, I’ve moved my chocolate collection and other valuable food to a secure location which I can’t mention because she’s probably reading over my shoulder right now…

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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