Week 42: Leaving on an Overnight Bus, don’t know when I’ll have Internet Access again


I’m getting ready to board an overnight bus for a rather long journey to the boonies of Kenya for two weeks.  Therefore, I will not be sleeping well tonight and most likely be flying through the air a lot.  Cosmas sent me a text this morning reminding me not to sit in the very back.  It also means that I am going to be Mr. Stick Out Like a White 6’5 Sore Thumb for the next two weeks.  Hukuna shida (No problem), but I would appreciate thoughts and prayers over the next two weeks, especially for the above mentioned bo-jazz.  I like sleep and although I don’t mind sticking out usually, after a week or so it starts to become more challenging.  So yep, also please remember to keep the entire African Evangelistic Enterprise staff in your thoughts and prayers as well during the next two weeks.

I am excited and believe this may be my most interesting trip in Africa yet.  We shall see.  Apparently, we are staying in Maasai huts with people in the area so that will be very nice.  I have taken all that I have learned from my many trips this year and hopefully packed intelligently.  (Good thing I typed that because I just remembered I need sunscreen where I’m going, thanks blog!)  Yeah, scratch that intelligent part…

I will hopefully be able to find an internet cafe so I can update you all, but probably no pictures until I’m back in Nairobi.  Please continue to write me e-mails and comment on the blog.  It is always nice when I return from a trip to have a full inbox and comments.  See you on the… internets.

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