Week 44 Revisited: Lodwar Stories Totaling Three

Since blogging about Lodwar, a few more stories have come to mind that I think are important to share.

First off, I ended up preaching three times in one week in Lodwar which is the most I’ve ever preached in one week to date (besides to myself).  The second sermon went the best (which is when I was asked to preach to the group of 150ish missioners that had come with AEE from the Nairobi area).  The final sermon was the Sunday that we left for our 22 hour ride home.  Nothing like preaching a good ole sermon then hopping in the bus for a “short” drive.  I have decided that I am going to miss having my sermons translated because it gives me time to think between sentences, I like that… maybe I’ll just pretend…

Story number two – I was asleep on our bus ride home from Lodwar when I awoke to a women talking very loudly from the back of the bus at 5 AM.  Tebi, who was asleep next to me, woke up too.  It was in Swahili and I was really tired so I did not know what was going on, but I had a guess.  I asked Tebi, “Is that woman preaching?”  Tebi simply said, “Yes.”  I started laughing and said, “You guys are crazy.” (in a playful tone)  Tebi looked confused and said, “why?”  Here in, ends story number two.

The third story – our bus had been going for around 20 hours which means that your typical person from the States would not be in the best mood because we had been in a bus for 20 hours and were told that it would “only” take 16 hours or so.  Well, Kenyans are not your typical person from the States thankfully because at 20 hours, instead of being frustrated, they started to sing hymns for the last two hours of our ride with smiles on their faces.  I was jealous because I was not in the singing mood, but they brought me over to the good side after a few good ole hymns, “What a friend we have in Jesus…”

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