Week 49: Berlin: Sites, History, and Hospitality

When I first think of Germany, I think of WWII and the Berlin Wall.  Both horrible events which occured in the previous century, so pretty recent.  I also think of half of me with my mom’s side of the family because our ancestry is fully German.

I was blessed again with an amazing host, Bob, who is from upstate New York.  I rented a bike and he showed me around the city via bicycles.  We rode from his house to the Victory Column (from where Obama made his speech last summer in Berlin)…

Berlin Victory Column
(Pic from Wikipedia):

Looking out from the Victory Column after climbing it towards the Brandenburg Gate:

We then rode down the street above to the famous Brandenburg Gate.  The Berlin Wall was built right outside the arch.  This is from where Reagan spoke and said, “Mr. Gorbachev, bring down this wall”and Clinton spoke in 1994.  The Chariot, Quadriga, on top was installed in 1793 (facing East into the city).  From 1814 to 1919 only the royal family was allowed to walk through the center archway so I chose to walk through it numerous times for a nice confidence boost.  It worked.

Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall in 1989 when the Wall came down (Pic from Wikipedia):

Brandenburg Gate and Me:

Hotel Adlon right on the east side of the arch (where MJ stayed):

We then rode by the Reichstag building (which is the site of the German Parliament), the  Berliner Dom (which is the largest church in Berlin and Protestant), and quite a few other famous and beautiful buildings.

Then we arrived at Checkpoint Charlie which is the most well known Berlin Wall crossing point.

Checkpoint Charlie:

Then we followed the road down to where a section of the Berlin Wall is still standing in it’s original place.  From 1961 to 1989, the Wall was built to stop immigration from East Berlin to West Berlin, however, 5,000 people still attempted to cross to West Berlin and estimates are 98 to 200 people were killed trying to cross.  I was only six when the Wall came down, but do remember watching the people rejoicing on television even at six.

Berlin Wall and Me:

Wherever the Wall was they put brick down representing where it stood:

Then we road our bikes to where Hitler’s Bunker had been.  It is now a parking lot and the only thing marking that it was Hitler’s Bunker is a sign on the side of the parking lot.

(Pic from Wikipedia)
“July 1947 photo of the rear entrance to the Führerbunker, in the garden of the Reich Chancellery; Hitler and Eva Braun were cremated in a shellhole in front of the emergency exit at left; the cone shaped structure in the center was part of the bunker’s ventilation system.”
Bild 183-V04744

Today (Pic from Wikipedia)

Today (my lousy picture):

After this we rode back to Bob’s home.

I went out exploring on my own and looking for a post office to mail post cards and ran into the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church for which Bob told me to look.

Back around 1900 (Pic from Wikipedia)

Today, after surviving WWII:

Berlin Guitar store across the street from my host’s home (Praise Jesus!):

Maggie people watching:

I must once again say how amazing my hosts have been on my Europe trip.  Bob and Ralph were excellent hosts.  Bob took me all around Berlin and was continually helpful.  I asked Bob if we could go out for a German dinner one night so we did.  I asked if I could pay to show my appreciation for letting me stay with him.  The bill came and I got out my wallet and I think that Bob saw that the bill was all the Euros I had left.  So he quickly took out money and paid for our meal telling me that I would need my money on the rest of my journey.  I was challenged by Bob’s hospitality and many of the people with whom I stayed in Europe.  I am excited about continuing the chain of hospitality when I get back to the States and daily.

My hosts, Bob, Ralph, and Bailey, with me:

Good business model:


Me and German dinner:

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