Weight and Food

When I left for Kenya I weighted 170.4 lbs at 6’5 which is pretty light weight.  I knew I had lost some weight while in Kenya because when my mom and seminary friends have hugged me throughout the year the first thing they’ve said is, “You’ve lost weight.”  I never weighed myself in Kenya, but believed them.  Here’s the answer:


15 lbs!  Impressive.  I’m fine, hukuna shida (no worries).  I’ve been walking a few miles a day and living on a different diet for nine months so it makes sense that I’ve lost weight (not sure about 15 lbs.).  Any who, the beauty of being underweight means that I can have the unusually fun goal of putting on weight in the next three weeks.  My goal is ten pounds.  We’ll see what happens.

I have been conflicted on how to talk about food since returning.  I have just left my Kenyan home where I eat mainly rice because it is inexpensive.  States home, I am eating a lot of food like a King which is not inexpensive in the Kenyan sense so I feel a bit out of place and self.  I kept telling myself that I would post pictures of all the food I eat while home.  Then I considered how unusual that would be.  Finally, I told myself, “Well, you’re eating the food whether you post pictures of it or not so you minus well put pictures up.”  By the way, it is my M.O. to take pictures of my food.  I love food so I think it should be photographed… like other loved ones.

Chik-Fil-A (My Kenya YAVs asked me to eat some Chik-Fil-A for them, I done did it!):

Homemade Pizza and Dr. Pepper (doesn’t exist in Kenya) from Josh and Laura Reese:

Mom’s famous steak dinner:

Dinner with the Montana’s (Dad’s side):

Breakfast on the go:

Pizza Hut Finally!:

Huninghake Graduation Party (Mom’s side):

Memorial Day Lunch:

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  1. Jolyn October 1, 2011 at 10:19 pm #

    Absolutely first rate and copper-bottomed, gtenlemen!

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